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Precision Valley Fish and Game Association

December 2018



The 2019 annual meeting is hereby warned for 5 January, 2019, 7 PM - in case of storm, 12 January, 2019.

 Election of officers, setting of dues, and other business will be conducted.

 I think that 2018 has been a great year.

Work Projects   

Indoor Range backstop

  1. The steel bullet traps on lanes 2 and 3 were repaired and can now be used for all allowed calibers.
  2. The structural 2x4s and 2x6s that support the steel backers were also replaced.
  3. Welding was done by Carl Hurd, with the assistance of Ralph Goings, Carl Goings, and Don
  4. We had ServePro, a professional cleaning company, clean the entire clubhouse and indoor range top to bottom.
  5. Walls and floors were painted by Paul Muzzy and his 4-H shooting Sports kids and their parents.   Please help keep it clean, thank you.
  6. Carl Thresher, a long time sponsor member, installed outlets for the battery chargers used by the four new portable trap machines.
  7. The new traps are used for Sporting Clays


The Annual Fishing Derby went well.  56 kids participated catching 168 fish.  Thanks to Rod O’Neil and Carl Goings for running the event.

Also, Thanks to Keith Ferguson once again for the use of his pond.

Hunter Education had a good turnout.  We had good attendance for JR Rifle, JR archery,

Bulls Eye pistol, small bore rifle, and Wednesday night shooting.

Our celebration of National Hunting and Fishing day was a big success once again.

We had around 100 people in attendance.  Special thanks to Ruger Firearms for sponsoring the event and providing the firearms and ammo.

The Precision Valley Fish and Game Association was founded as a NRA sponsored club.  We continue to be a NRA member club.

The club purchases liability insurance for every member at a huge discount from the NRA.  We cannot operate without it.

NRA memberships can be purchased from the club at a discount.  We earn a commission for each sale as well.

We need club members to join the NRA in order for us to maintain eligibility for the liability insurance.

Dick Odette















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