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The Newsletter of the
Precision Valley Fish and Game Association
December 2015


    The 2016 annual meeting is hereby warned for 9 January, 2016, 7 PM. In case of storm, 16 January, 2016.
Election of officers, setting of dues, By-law change vote and other business will be conducted.

    2015 was another very good year. Membership is up some compared to last year, bringing us close to our recent high 3
years ago. Bills are paid and no major projects were performed this year.

Work Projects

    We had our parking lot at the clubhouse re-graded. George Tucker did a fantastic job flattening out the lot and bringing
it smoothly up to road level. It looks perfectly flat but actually drops slightly to the southeast corner, draining into the
roadside drainage ditch. A beautiful job with no disruption of access to the club. Thanks again, George.

    Graham Kennedy, Kevin Stuart and crew provided heavy equipment and labor to clean up our trap range. They cleaned
out many years of shotgun wads and other debris, filling trailers and taking them to the dump. Many hands participated
on clean up day. They also have been maintaining our outdoor range, replacing plywood target backers, re-welding
silhouette stands and generally maintaining the outdoor range. We can be very proud of the neat and well maintained
appearance of our outdoor range.

    Our electric feed to the trap house failed this summer. Mark and Charley Horton provided labor and equipment to dig a
trench and install conduit for a new feed. Carl Thresher installed a new electric feed (Carl Thresher Electric, Inc.) and we
were back in business. Cost to us was friendly or free.

     Ralph Goings repaired our swinging gate, re-welding by Carl Hurd,
a broken hinge, and redesigning support at the lock.

    A potential fire was prevented at the club house during a summer hunter safety training event when Dick Odette
smelled smoke and discovered a fluorescent light fixture smoldering. He ran upstairs to the main electrical panel, killed
the power, evacuated the kids and called the fire dept. The fire dept. responded and doused the smoldering wood in the
ceiling. I arrived a few minutes later and the action was over. The Hunter Safety class was still in session in the back
parking lot and continued until the lesson was finished. Keith Buswell showed up, confirmed that the cause was defective
fluorescent ballast. A few days later, Keith and crew (Ralph Goings and Dick Odette) rebuilt the old lights with new ballasts
and up-to-date fluorescent lamps, donating time and materials.

    Dick Odette built an “elevated observation perch” and an outdoor service table at the trap range.

    Doors were rebuilt at the “old trap house” for the archery range target storage.


    The usual indoor activities including pistol and rifle leagues, junior rifle, 4H and junior archery were held during the first
4 months of the year.

    Hunter Education and Trapper Education programs were also held during the year.

    In June the fishing derby was held at Keith Ferguson’s pond.

    The 3D archery program at the outdoor range was held May thru September on Thursday nights.

    Trap shooting was active on Friday nights for most of the good weather.

    Metallic handgun informal shooting on Wednesday nights, May thru September was well attended.

Hunting and Fishing Day, 2015

Once again we had a successful day with decent weather. Thanks to Jamie Loura for organizing and managing this event.
We were co-sponsored by Ruger Firearms, supplying their great guns and plenty of ammo to shoot them. Mike Sylvester
represented Ruger again and provided expert instruction to new shooters. What a great service Mike and Ruger donate to
us. Thank you again, Mike. Dick Ballentine and family cooked up their fabulous barbecued chicken. Chris Vollman
repaired the running deer target.

Justine Lakin will be replaced by her dad, Ralph Goings

Secretary & Trap Chairman
Jaimie Loura is moving on and both jobs are open

Proposed By-Law Change

Article IV Membership

Section K.

A member in good standing may bring a maximum of two guests at a time to the outdoor or indoor range. A
guest may use the outdoor or indoor range only twice in a calendar year. This does not apply to cub events
that are open to the public. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests while any club facilities
are being used.

Section L.

Commercial use of the club facilities for profit by any member is prohibited. This does not apply to events
run, or sponsored, by the club.

Dick Shaw


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