Youth Rifle Club

Dick Odette

The fall 2016 season will begin Wednesday Nov 9 at 4pm.

Youth Rifle events take place every Wednesday afternoon

from 4pm until 6pm November through March
at the indoor range at 1600 Reservoir RD.


This program is not competitive and consists of the National Rifle Association Marksmanship Course for smallbore rifle,

 (.22 Cal.), allowing the members to earn certificates from Pro-Marksman to Distinguished Expert.

 Rifles with target sights,ammunition,eye protection,Space is limited, so if you are interested,

 call Alan Nass at 802-484-5418 or Dick Odette at 802-674-9495

 if you have any questions.hearing protection and targets are provided by the program.

 The cost is $2.00 (two dollars), each day of attendance.