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                                                                                                           PRECISION VALLEY FISH AND GAME ASSOCIATION

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This organization shall be known as:

        The object of this organization is to maintain and hand down to future generations that splendid heritage of the rod and gun which we have received from pioneer hunters and fisherman of         Vermont; to encourage the young people of this locality to love and enjoy the outdoor natural attractions of wood and stream; to encourage proper protection of fish, game and birds, and the         preservation of their natural homes; to help mold and develop public sentiment; to uphold the statutes of the State of Vermont as related to the conservation of wildlife; and to promote and         encourage good sportsmanship among our members and the outdoor fraternity as a whole. The object of this association shall not be changed.

        This corporation is organized and shall be operated solely and exclusively for recreation, conservation, social, pleasure and other non-profit purposes. No part of the net earnings shall inure         to the benefit of any member.

A.    All users of these facilities shall be required to sign a liability waiver. A parent or guardian must sign a liability waiver for a minor.
B.    Any person eighteen (18) years of age or over, who is desirous of aiding in the objects of the work of this organization, may present his/her name with the proper membership fee to a                 member of the Executive Committee and in return shall receive a membership.
C.    Any person under eighteen (18) years of age, who is desirous of aiding in the objects of the work of this organization, may present his/her name with the proper fee to a member of the                 Executive Committee and in return shall receive a membership, and shall be designated as a JUNIOR member.
D.    JUNIOR members shall be allowed a voice but, shall not vote on the business of the organization.
E.    There will be only one vote per membership.
F.     A person sixty-five (65) years of age or older, who has been an active member for 5 years or more, may become a SENIOR member of the organization by paying one-half the annual dues         each year.
G.   A person sixty-five (65) years of age or older who is desirous of becoming a SENIOR member, and who has not been a past active member for 5 years must meet the following criteria:
            1) Deduct the number of active years from 5.
            2) Pay the current annual membership rate times the number of years determined in (1) above.
H.   All existing permanent members at the time this change goes into effect will be exempt from payment of dues.
I.     Persons using the range must be eighteen (18) years of age or older or accompanied by a member that is eighteen (18) years of age or older.
J.    Membership Period – The period of a membership for any individual shall commence upon the date of purchase and expire December 31 of the current year. Memberships may be                        purchased in advance for future years of continuous membership. The period of membership for years purchased in advance will be from January 1 of the first year paid for to December 31        of the last year paid for.
K.   Part Year Membership – Starting the first day of September, last third of the year memberships will be available to new and lapsed members provided they also purchase the next year’s                membership at the same time. The fee for the final third of the year membership will be ¼ the regular fee.
L.    Fee Schedule
            1) Annual Membership – This is a family membership which will include two adults and all children under 18 years of age. Any fee change to be set at the annual meeting. Such changes                 must be warned to the general membership at least (5) days prior to the meeting. A two-thirds majority of the eligible voters present is required for any changes in the dues. Any                             changes made to the dues will become effective the day following the Annual meeting.
            2) JUNIOR Membership – Individuals under eighteen (18) years of age who are not included in any family membership. Fee of ¼ of ANNUAL membership.
            3) Military Personnel – A Club member who is on active duty with the armed forces of the United States, inclusive of members of the reserve components ordered to active Federal                         duty, shall be carried as a member in good standing without having to pay the annual membership fee, until the beginning of the second calendar year after their return from                                 such duty. A copy of the orders placing the individual on active duty must be submitted.
M.   New membership cards shall be turned in at each monthly meeting to the Membership Chairman, who shall record the name, address phone number and card number of the new member in         the permanent records of the organization.
N.    Disciplinary Action
            If any member of the organization be charged by another member with conduct contrary to the interests of the organization, those charges shall be made in private to the President. If the             President considers the charges to be sufficiently serious and well founded to merit possible disciplinary action, he shall call a meeting of the Executive Committee for the purposes of                 hearing that evidence concerning the charges and recommend appropriate action, up to, and including, permanent dismissal from the organization. In the event that the President declines             to call such a hearing, the member who is preferring the charges of misconduct may secure a petition. If the petition bears the signatures of five (5) members of the organization, the                     President must call a hearing. Both the person making the charges and the person being charged with misconduct must be warned to be present at the hearing with their witnesses.                         The warnings must be made in person by the President or by first class mail at least five (5) days before the date of the hearing. If the person making the charge of misconduct or the                     person being charged with misconduct is dissatisfied with the judgment of the hearing, either may elect to take the matter before the membership at either a regular or special                                 meeting where the majority vote of the members present shall dismiss the charges, implement the recommendations of the Executive Committee, or asses other disciplinary action.
O.    Commercial Use – Commercial use of the Club facilities by any member is prohibited. This does not apply to events run, or sponsored by the Club.

A.    The officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice-president, Secretary(ies), Treasurer and Directors, who, acting together shall constitute the Executive Committee. They shall be             elected by a majority vote of the members in good standing at the Annual Meeting of the organization. All officers shall hold offices for one year or until their successors are elected. Two             auditors shall be appointed at the request of the Executive Committee.
B.    The Directors of the organization shall consist of at least nine members and shall include the officers. The Directors shall be elected or re-elected until successors are elected.
C.    The preceding President shall automatically become a Director for one year.
D.    Vacancies that open within the Executive Committee during the course of the year, due to resignation, moving, etc., shall be filled with replacements appointed by the Executive                             Committee. The terms of the appointed replacements will end at the next Annual Meeting when elections are held.
E.     Attendance records of Directors and Officers will be kept for regular and special meetings and for Directors’ meetings. It is the primary responsibility of each Director to attend the monthly         meetings, and those records will be presented at the end of the year to the membership. Officers and Directors failing to attend seventy-five percent (75%) of these meetings without a valid         reason shall be ineligible to hold office the following year. The Executive Committee shall make the determination of the validity of a reason for a member to be absent in excess of                     twenty-five (25%) percent of the meetings.
F.     The business and property of this organization shall be managed by the Executive Committee. A legal Quorum (a minimum of seven) for transacting the business of this organization shall         consist of those members of the Executive Committee present at that meeting.
G.    All members of the Executive Committee shall be eighteen (18) years of age or over.

A.     The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and shall be the Chairman of the executive Committee. He shall appoint such committees and agents as are deemed advisable.
B.     The Vice- President shall assist the President in carrying out his duties and shall fulfill all the duties of the Presidency in the absence of the President.
C.     The Secretary shall keep such records within the State of Vermont. He/She shall procure and file with the proper authorities all reports, records and papers required by law, and shall keep              copies of such records, reports and papers on file at all times. The Secretary shall have custody of all records and correspondence of the organization, except treasury records of the current          fiscal period, and shall keep such records in the State of Vermont. Such records shall be kept in books and files of a permanent nature and shall be open for inspection by other members by          prior arrangement with the Secretary. The Secretary shall record proceedings of all meetings of the membership and all meetings of the Executive Committee.
D.     The Treasure shall custody of the monies and the negotiable assets of the organization, and shall pay all debts of the organization by check within the limits of such assets. The Treasurer              shall prepare, annually, at the close of the fiscal year, a complete financial statement. This financial statement shall be presented to the membership at the Annual meeting and filed with the          Secretary. All financial records of the organization shall be kept in books and files of a permanent nature and shall be open to inspection by other members by prior arrangement with the              Treasurer. Persons receiving monies as an agent of the Precision Valley Fish & Game Association shall give those monies to the Treasurer as soon as practicable but, no later than the next          monthly meeting. The person(s) receiving those monies shall be solely responsible until those monies are in the Treasurer’s hands. Any auditors appointed shall audit the books and records          of the Treasurer at any time as may be voted by the membership or the Executive Committee.
E.     The President, Treasurer and Secretary, acting jointly shall have the authority to borrow money for the organization, subject to the prior approval of the membership at any regular or special          meeting warned for that purpose stating the date, place, time and purpose of that meeting.
F.      Expenditures not to exceed $500.00 for any one time or project may be made by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. Expenditures in excess of $500.00 must be approved by the              general membership at any regular or special meeting except that the officers of this organization, acting together and in full agreement may approve expenditures $1000.00 for emergency          repairs to the organizations buildings, structures, grounds or other property. Discipline Chairmen may, if pre-authorized by the membership, purchase supplies and/or repairs in order to take          advantage of special prices or maintain equipment necessary for the functioning of the event. The Treasurer is authorized to pay those month-to-month expenses such as heating fuel,                  electricity, loans, as they occur so that the Club will not have to pay additional charges for late payments. Sale of any assets of the organization must have prior approval of the membership          by majority vote at any regular or special meeting. If such sale involves assets exceeding $500.00 in value, the membership must be given written notice at least five (5) days in advance,              stating place, time and purpose of the meeting at which such sale is to be voted upon. Any money taken from the natural resources of the Club land shall be put into a separate fund in a              savings account to be used for the upkeep of buildings, and to pay taxes and insurance after all other means have been exhausted.

A.     The Annual Meeting of the members shall be held each year for the purpose of electing officers and the directors of the organization and for the transaction of such other business as may              be lawfully come before such meeting. The date of the Annual Meeting is to be set at the November meeting of the preceding year, with notice of an alternate date in the event of an                      emergency. Notice of such meeting shall be given to each member of record at least fourteen (14) days prior to such meeting.
B.     Special meetings of the members may be called by the Executive Committee and notice thereof shall be given at least five (5) days prior to the meeting, and such notice shall state the date,          place, time and purpose for which such meetings are called. No other business shall be transacted at such meetings other than for which it was called.
C.     Any notices, warnings or newsletters may be sent to the general membership via first class mail or electronic means, (e-mail, fax, etc.). In order to receive said messages via electronic                  means, a member must indicate that they are willing to accept such correspondence in that manner. Members not giving such indication will continue to receive their correspondence via              first class mail.
D.     The fiscal year of this organization shall be the twelve (12) month period beginning January 1 and ending December 31 of each year.
E.     A regular meeting shall be held each month. Monthly meetings shall be held on the first Saturday of each month unless that weekend is a holiday. In such cases, the meeting will be held              the following    Saturday. Recognized holidays that will affect the meeting schedule are to be determined by the Executive Committee and notification given to the general membership                  by the Annual Meeting.
F.      Order of Business
            1. Reading of the Minutes of the last meeting.
            2. Treasurer’s Report
            3. Report of Committees
            4. Communications
            5. Unfinished Business

                                6. New Business
            7. Adjournment

The rules contained in “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall govern this organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the By-Laws of this organization.

These By-Laws may be amended by two-thirds majority vote of the membership present at any regular or special meeting, provided notice of such proposed amendment has been given to the membership by first class mail or by electronic means if agreed to by the recipient at least five (5) days prior to such meeting.

All members upon joining this organization shall agree to obey the By-Laws and to promote and carry out the objects of the organization.

A.     In the event of the dissolution of this organization, the assets thereof shall be expended for the purposes for which this Club is organized, as set forth in Article II of these By-Laws. If this is          not feasible, said assets shall be distributed in a manner as may be voted by a majority of the members present at the meeting called for the dissolution of the organization.
B.     In no event shall any asset of this organization revert to the private ownership of any officer or member of this organization without compensation received, equal to fair market value at the          time of transfer, except articles of property which may have been donated by said officer or member.

Amended January 05, 2022