Outdoor Range:

The outdoor range is for the use of members and their guests,

and is open to the public during the events listed on our 'Activites' calendar

Please park your vehicle inside the gate when using the outdoor range.

Range rules are prominently posted on the building wall. Please observe them.

Indoor Range:

The indoor range is located at the Clubhouse on Reservoir Rd . 

Access is by numbered key, 

 issued to members upon completion of an annual orientation. This orientation is conducted at the February club meeting.

A modest range fee is charged to defray the cost of targets, maintenance expenses and to heat the building.

Please observe all posted range rules.

The indoor range is intended for handgun use only, with the exception of .22 rimfire,

where rifles are permitted.  The list of permissible handgun cartridges is as follows:

SAFETY FIRST!   Please use eye and ear protection when shooting.

Indoor Range Acceptable Calibers




45 APC
41 MAG
40 S&W
38-40 WIN
38 APC
32 APC
25 APC
22 RIMFIRE (except Magnum)
1. This range is open to members only and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by a member in good standing. A guest may use the indoor or outdoor range only twice in a calendar year. After that he or she must become a club member to continue using the range facilities. This does not apply to club events that are open to the public. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests while any club facilities are being used. Members must display proof of current membership and show same when requested.
2. No parking is allowed outside the gate.
3. No shooting is allowed before 8 a.m. or after dark. The range is closed to firearms on Easter Sunday and Christmas day.
4. Firearms shall be cased or actions shall be open at all times until the shooter is on the firing line. All firearms shall be made safe, actions open, safeties on, and unloaded when anyone is down range. Handling of firearms on the firing line, to include sight adjustments, while others are down range is prohibited.
5. When a new shooter arrives and wishes to set up a target, individuals shooting will cease fire and make firearms safe while the new arrival sets his or her target.
6. All rifle, pistol, bow, and trap shooting shall be done from firing points, covered firing points, or bench rests as provided, or from any other designated point as set by the range officer.
7. Eye and ear protection must be worn during any periods of firing while on, or near, the firing line.
8. Only paper targets depicting bullseyes, bullseye variations, V's, or game animals will be used. Portable reactive targets, such as commercially available swinging or spinning targets mounted on a metal frame or other approved steel targets, are also allowed.
9. Absolutely no bottles or cans shall be used as targets. Clay birds will not be used as rifle or handgun targets. No human silhouette-type targets are allowed. (Exception: Law enforcement officers or members of a reserve component of the U.S. Armed Forces, when participating in qualification firing, may engage targets appropriate to the course of fire required by their agency, department, or service component. All personnel participating in such qualification firing must be dressed in the duty uniform or other appropriate clothing that clearly identifies them as law enforcement officers or members of the U.S. Armed Forces.)
10. Tuesday is designated as "300 Yard day." Shooters must yield to those wishing to fire from the 300-yard bench rest. During 300 yard firing, all other range facilities are closed except the archery range.
11. During scheduled shoots, the range officer shall be obeyed promptly at all times.
12. In the event of a sanctioned match, rules of such sanctioning body shall govern.
13. On the archery range, only field or target points will be used.
14. There shall be no alcoholic beverages allowed on these premises. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering drugs are prohibited from using any of the club's range facilities.
15. No full automatic fire is permitted on this range. This includes simulated full automatic fire using trigger actuator mechanisms such as the so-called "Hell Fire" device, or crank-type devices that attach to a firearm's trigger, trigger mechanism or trigger guard.
16. No containers are provided for rubbish. All rubbish and debris, including spent cartridge cases or shotgun shells, targets and target backers, shall be the responsibility of the member who generates it and shall be disposed of in a proper manner by that member.
17. Any member abusing any of the facilities of the outdoor range shall be subject to action under Article IV, Section J. of the By-Laws. It is the duty of all club members to report any and all damage, or knowledge of activities causing damage either to the facility or to the image of this organization, to a club officer or director.
18. A duplicate of these rules and regulations shall be posted at the outdoor range.
19. Check posted rules as they are subject to change.
revised 12/28/08

Precision Valley Fish & Game Association

Indoor Range Rules

1.     Before a key to the indoor range can be issued, it is necessary to complete an annual orientation covering the information on this form.  Keys are numbered and assigned to a member and shall not be loaned or duplicated.

2.     Guests may use the indoor or outdoor range facilities when accompanied by a member.  A guest may use the indoor or outdoor range only twice in a calendar year.  After that, he or she must become a club member to continue using the club facilities.  This does not apply to club events that are open to the public.  Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests while any club facilities are being used.

3.     No shooting is allowed earlier than 8:00 AM or later than 9:00 PM except for matches started before 9:00 PM may be completed.  Your pin number will only work during these hours.

4.     Before entering the range members and guests must log in.  Upon entering the range all shooters, including guests, must deposit the required range fee in the range fee box.*  Before any shooting commences, check walls, ceilings and metal baffles in target area for damage and not the location of any damage found in the log book.

5.     Guns shall be cased when brought into the building and removed from the case, action opened, pointed down range and left on the bench unloaded, action open while people are down range.  No touching of the gun, including sight adjustments, is permitted while people are down range.

6.     Eye and ear protection must be worn by all people during any periods of firing while within the range area.

7.     All shooters must be 18 years or older, unless accompanied by an adult member of the PVF&GA.

8.     No alcohol or mind altering drugs are allowed on the premises.  People under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted on the range facilities.

9.     A list of acceptable calibers is posted in the range.  No other calibers are permitted.  No rifles except .22 rim fire long rifle, or short are permitted.  No .22 magnums.  No shotguns are permitted.

10.   Targets shall be paper type (provided), maximum of 12 X 12 inches and hung from the provided hangers.

11.   No firearm shooting is permitted closer than 50 feet from the targets.  Does not apply to archery and air guns.

12.   Shots must be kept in the backstop area behind the targets, not on the steel above, the floor, ceiling or walls.  If you are unable to keep shots on target from a standing position, shoot from a seated position using a rest.  You are responsible for the placement of all your shots.  Intentional damage to our equipment including wooden target supports and clothes pins is grounds for suspension of range privileges.

13.   No fast draw, hip shooting or other unaimed shooting is permitted.  All shooting is to be done in a controlled manner.

14.   After shooting please clean up any brass and sweep any areas clean of dust and debris.  Remove your targets, turn the thermostat down to 55 degrees and shut off all lights.  Secure both locks on your way out.

15.   If you damage something, report it to an officer or director and log the damage and location (lane#, etc.) in the log book.

16.   Check the posted rules at the range as they are subject to change.

17.   Any member abusing any club facilities shall be subject to action under our by-laws.

Range fee exceptions *

Members of the Junior rifle club participating in scheduled JRC program, students in Vermont hunter education courses, participants in 4-H shooting sports programs, or youth participating in other junior activities sponsored by the club, members from other clubs here to compete in a regular match, members who have prepaid the annual fee.


2 Jan 2012